Prenatal Yoga (Zwangerschapsyoga) Classes

From March 16th until Sept 1st 2020, our yoga studio is physically closed, as part of the governmental regulations to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. In this period we live stream our Prenatal Yoga Class and Birth Preparation (Voorbereiding op de Bevalling) Workshop online through Skype, so that you can follow the class and workshop safely from your home inter-actively. Everything else stays the same as far as Class Schedule, subscription and payment for the classes. Click here for more info, and we hope to welcome you soon live online!

Our Prenatal Yoga classes cater the needs of women from 14-42 weeks of pregnancy (so from 14 weeks until birth) and include physical-, breathing-, and relaxation exercises that support your physical well-being during the pregnancy, and also practice for birth preparation. The classes are suitable for women with little to no yoga experience, but also for women more experienced with yoga.

The Prenatal Yoga classes are therapeutic; the exercises focus on preventing or bringing relief to a wide range of pregnancy related complaints, like pelvic girdle pain (bekkengordelpijn, bekkeninstabiliteit), (lower) back pain, sciatica (ischias), sensitive wrists, pain in feet and ankles, restless legs, problems with sleep / lying in bed comfortably, headaches, oedema (swellings), heartburn etc..

We encourage you to join the Prenatal Yoga classes on a continuous-regular weekly basis as soon as you can from 14 weeks onwards, since many of the practices that we teach including the specific practices for birth preparation are suitable from early on in the second trimester and are best assimilated over time - and on a regular basis - rather than just in late pregnancy.

The classes are 1.5hr, and are bi-lingual (English/Dutch).

In addition to the regular weekly Prenatal Yoga classes, towards the end of your pregnancy (i.e. from 34-36 weeks onwards), we offer a 5 hrs Birth Preparation (Voorbereiding op de Bevalling) Workshop for you and your birth-partner (the person who will accompany you during labour) to help you prepare for birth / labour. Here the yoga practices taught in the classes are brought together effectively to support all the phases of the labour process, incl. all kinds of exercises you can do in the different stages of your labour to bring relief and comfort and to help you going through your contractions, relieving massages by your partner, various poses for giving birth (with or without partner), breathing techniques that help you breath comfortably through the contractions and actual pushing, as well as the various techniques for pushing the baby out.

Also we share birth stories in class from the new mums about their pregnancy & delivery experiences to exchange these experiences with you.

Alltogether we offer you the complete practice and preparation you need to go safely and with as little complaints as possible through your pregnancy, and subsequently prepare you for labour / the birthing process. In the meantime you will experience a nice and pregnancy-safe physical work out during the classes, keeping the body fit and healthy during pregnancy, as well as lots of tools to relax deeply e.g. through breathing techniques!

Dates & Timings

The Prenatal Yoga Classes take place on Tuesdays from 18.15-19.45h. See our Class Schedule. Doors open 15 minutes before class. For your first class we ask you to come 15 minutes before class so that you have time to register and for your (medical) intake.

Class Preparation

In the yoga studio we have yoga mats and props (blocks, belts, bolsters, blankets) available. Feel free though to bring your own mat. For extra comfort you can additionally bring a warm shawl or personal blanket to class yourself. Dress in comfortably sitting sports or yoga clothes, with some warm options too like a sweater and warm socks. A water bottle and a towel may be useful too. Lastly, just as with normal yoga class, do not practice yoga on a full stomach!

Subscription & Payment

  • For the Prenatal Yoga classes you can either pay for a single class which is € 18 or buy a 10 class card: € 150 (€ 15 per class) which is 3 months valid (so taking into account you might miss a class here and there). You can pay for the card cash when you come to class, or you can transfer the money into our bank account - in that case first book your card online by filling in the booking form under Classes-Prices.
  • Please note that if you currently have a normal class card that is still valid you can use it for the Prenatal Yoga classes (if you currently have a cheaper class card, we ask you to pay the difference extra per class).
  • If you run out of your 10 class card, you can buy a new one, and in case you got classes left when due, we will freeze your card and make it valid for the period when the baby is there for our postnatal- and regular yoga classes. So your classes will never be lost!
  • The class card excludes the Birth Preparation Workshop. This additionally offered 5 hrs workshop with your birth-partner costs € 130 per couple. This workshop is regularly being done when you are 34-36 weeks. We ask you to contact us sufficiently ahead of time to plan the workshop date with you.
  • A number of insurance companies reimburse the Prenatal Yoga classes and the Birth Preparation Workshop, partly or in total - depending on your insurance policy. If they reimburse we will make a Proof of Payment for your insurance company.
  • We would like you to sign up for your first Prenatal Yoga Class with us, so that we know you are coming! Please use the form below. If there is anything special we need to know from you upfront, like special medical conditions, use the field Additional Info (with respect to the data you supply to us, we refer to our Privacy Policy).

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