Do you have unresolved questions about yourself, your relationships, your work, or suffer from ineffective behavior patterns that recur every time again? And have you been thinking a lot about these issues already or have worked on them but still are not at the root of the problem?

Chances are that the answer to these questions lies hidden in the role/place you have taken in the first organization where you were part of; your family of origin. This role/place determines to a large extent the place you take in today in groups, organizations, your relationship, and your present family.

Also, your interpretation of that first role/place in life often has a large (often unwittingly and unintentionally) effect on your current actions and your outlook on relationships, partners, colleagues, hierarchy, tasks, duties, and responsibilities.

By constellating (opstellen) representatives (representanten) for the system of your family of origin or of the current organization you work for, it is possible to gain insight into the role/place you take in yourself. Behavior patterns and beliefs that are part of the family or organization will surface.

The often unexpected insight that rises from the constellation makes it possible to resolve possible disturbances and to acknowledge unspoken emotions. Recognition and acceptance bring peace into the system and the participant. The unknown is known and thus recognized. This gives inner peace and often a strong sense of freedom and serenity.

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