Business Yoga Programs

After an in-take conversation, a customized Yoga / Mindfulness Meditation / Life Coaching program will be created focusing on the needs for development of your company and its people.

Programs can be built around the Physical Postures and Breathing Exercises of Hatha Yoga, and Mindfulness Meditation. We also offer Life Coaching, in which the richness of the Yoga- and Mindfulness philosophy and lifestyle is shared, as a guide for a happier and more fulfilling personal and professional life. Here we can also integrate Family & Organizational Constellations (Familie- en Organisatie Opstellingen) in an individual- or group setting when needed.

YogaYatra offers programs for both the individual and for groups within a company. Anyone can join regardless their physical condition, age or whether they are an absolute beginner or more experienced with Yoga or (Mindfulness) Meditation.

The programs can be held in our studio in Amsterdam, in-company (e.g. in a quiet conference- or meeting room), off-premise (special location e.g. during external team event), or online.

Individual Programs

In individual programs, the teacher/coach works one-on-one with the individual, who receives direct and personalized guidance. A customized Yoga / Mindfulness Meditation / Coaching program will be build focusing on the individual needs for development.

Examples include:

  • Individual Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching Sessions for (top) executives / people with demanding, traveling jobs that have no time to visit gyms or Yoga studios, and / or seek for customized sessions specifically addressing their work-life balance issues, and have specific needs.
    • Example: OSO Training & Coaching hired YogaYatra for multiple Yoga & Coaching Sessions.
    • Example: YogaYatra coached a company owner of a large IT company who needed to make an important decision regarding a business merge that would affect both business- and personal life.
  • Individual Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching Sessions as part of a trainee / management / career development program, to bring extra education regarding how to take care of one’s physical and mental health while being in demanding jobs.
  • Individual Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching Sessions for employees to prevent overstrainedness or burn-out, or to help them recovering from it and facilitating them in the re-integration process.

Group Programs

In group programs, for example for a team, department, or even the entire company, the teacher/coach works with the team or group as a whole, customizing the program around the needs and themes of the team, group or company, while still paying attention to the individual within.

YogaYatra offers a variety of group programs, both on- and off-site:

  • Stand-alone Yoga Workshops, on-or off-premise. YogaYatra has developed a special Yoga workshop called “Yoga in Daily Life” that focuses on simple Yoga exercises that you can do for instance during traveling, behind your desk, or when you only have little time, that contribute to staying fit, alert, and free of stress while at work, and learns you how to implement simple Yoga techniques into your busy daily life.
    • Example: ProRail, a large Dutch company responsible for managing the Dutch railways, included the “Yoga in Daily Life” workshop of YogaYatra as part of their 2-days off-site strategy meeting.
  • Yoga Workshops and Sessions as part of a Company Retreat.
    • Example: YogaYatra joined a leading international management consulting firm, on a 4-days mini-cruise on the Adriatic Sea organized for about 150 consultants and their spouses, for daily morning and evening Yoga sessions. Click here for pictures.
  • Yoga Workshops as part of a special Company Event.
    • Example: YogaYatra organized a Yoga workshop at an Indian Fair event organized for its employees by ABN AMRO, a large Dutch bank, and Tata Consultancy Services, an Indian information technology company.
  • Group Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation & Coaching Sessions as part of trainee / management / career development programs, to bring extra education regarding how to take care of one’s physical and mental health while being in demanding jobs.
    • Example: YogaYatra organized a workshop for a team of the Tommy Hilfiger company with yoga exercises and mindfulness meditation, for a team building event.
    • Example: YogaYatra visited Provincie Zuid-Holland for 2 full days to teach yoga- and mindfulness meditation sessions to educate employees how to stay physically and mentally fit in their demanding jobs.
  • Yoga Workshops and Sessions at business conferences, and seminars to refresh and energize its participants.
  • Chair Yoga Workshop and Sessions: focusing on specific exercises that people can do while sitting behind their desk at the office, to relieve stress, and to quickly revive physically and mentally.
  • In-company 1 hour Yoga Classes, for instance early in the morning for an energetic start of the day, at lunch hours to revive, or at the close of the day to revive and de-stress.
    • Example: YogaYatra visited for a few months the office of a leading international management consulting firm for sessions people could sign up for daily at the end of the working day to revive.
  • Yoga Courses for business schools, and as part of MBA programs.
  • Yoga Workshops and Trainings in cooperation with Coaching & Training companies.
  • Mindfulness Meditation Sessions and Courses to teams in companies.
    • Example: YogaYatra visited the office of a leading international management consulting firm for Mindulness Meditation Sessions people could sign up for with respect to special "Office Fit" weeks.


Please contact YogaYatra directly if you are interested in incorporating Yoga and / or Mindfulness Meditation within your company, or more specifically would like to arrange one of the activities as listed above. We will first set up an in-take meeting with you and then will propose a Yoga / Mindfulness Meditation / Coaching program customized to your needs.

Testimonials Business Yoga

"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"
Peter Mulder, Managing Director and Owner OSO Training & Coaching (business client, hired Corine more than once for Private Yoga & Coaching)

"Corine combines her business background and 'spiritual' skills in a very gentle manner. With a direct, clear and very personal style she teaches and inspires people to go beyond their own personal restrictions and believes about themselves. Very effective and highly recommended! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."