About YogaYatra

The woman behind YogaYatra is Corine Leegwater, a Hatha- and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and Life Coach with a corporate background.

Outdoor Yoga

If the weather permits we will also teach classes outdoor in the park. The Saturday classes are perfect for that! Here you can find all the info about our outdoor classes with dates & timings!

Mindfulness Meditation Introductory Workshop: Saturday 30 Oct 2021

Reduce stress in your life, and start to live from a deeper level of relaxation! This workshop teaches you the philosophy and basics of Mindfulness / Vipassana Meditation, and is preliminary to the full 8-weeks Mindfulness Meditation Course in Nov - Dec 2021.

You can also participate this workshop online!

Sound Healing: Friday 9 Oct & 11 Dec 2020

Explore the relaxing, purifying, and balancing effects of a Sound Healing with Tai Loi!

What is Yoga

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, but what you learn about yourself on the way down.”

Studio Corona Protocol - Let’s keep each other healthy!

We welcome you to our yoga studio in a safe and responsible manner. Here you can find everything you need to know about our Studio Corona Protocol.

Detox Yoga Workshop: Sat 11 Sept 2021

Let's cleanse and energize ourselves with a good after-Holidays detox! A workshop that makes you fit, slim, healthy, and shining!

You can also participate this workshop online!

Mindfulness Meditation 8-weeks Course: Thursday 4 Nov - 23 Dec 2021

This full 8-weeks Mindfulness Meditation Course is for those of you who have done the Mindfulness Meditation Introductory Workshop or have joined one of Corine's retreats, and would like to develop their own personal meditation practice and integrate meditation and mindfulness into their daily lives.

You can also participate this course online!

Interview with Corine by WhatsNew!

Get an impression of Corine as a teacher and her studio YogaYatra in Amsterdam!

Livestream Yoga Classes from the Studio

All our studio classes are livestreamed, so you can also follow the classes online in the comfort of your home. For those who do not pass the Health Check to come to the studio, or simply if you prefer online.

Yoga Nidra Workshop: Friday 1 Oct 2021

Explore the deep relaxing and healing effects of Yoga Nidra! In this workshop the history, science, philosophy, and techniques of this wonderful practice will be shared by Matsyendra, who has more than 20 years of experience in this field.

Boutique Yoga Studio in Amsterdam-De Pijp on the edge of Rivierenbuurt and Zuid districts!

Come and visit us at the Govert Flinckstraat 137-hs, Amsterdam-De Pijp! An oasis of peace and serenity in one of the coziest neighborhoods of Amsterdam - De Pijp - on the edge of the Rivierenbuurt and Zuid districts.

An Urgent Call to Free Yoga

My sincere compliments to all my students at YogaYatra who embrace yoga in her completeness and want to discover what yoga is really all about, and how it should be taught. At YogaYatra we connect with the true essence of yoga, and move away from the commercialization of yoga that is now taking place by e.g. cutting off most of her limbs and packing students into canned short yoga classes. YogaYatra will always aim for quality, and here is why...