YogaYatra has been selected by the Yoga Magazine as one of the 5 finest yoga schools in their 2011 Winter edition! Click here to read their review of Corine's class! Find below more reviews by Corine's students!

"If you wish to progress in Yoga, YogaYatra is the place to be!"
Kasia, Global Trade Marketing Manager at Heineken International (class student)

"Corine is the best yoga teacher I've ever had in Amsterdam. She spends the necessary time to correct your posture or guide you through positions that might be challenging for your body. In one workout you achieve better results than weeks at one of those 'fancy' yoga places where you are packed with 20 other students. If you wish to progress in Yoga, YogaYatra is the place to be!"

"A True Party!"
Berdien Siere, Head Chef / Caterer and Owner of Siere Cateraars (class student)

"Corine makes every Yoga workout a true party!! With her enthusiasm, knowledge, and drive, she creates an environment where serious work is combined with a lot of humor. She clearly enjoys teaching Yoga herself and carries that on to her students in a very cheerful manner. The results of her Yoga workouts are truly beneficent."

"Warm, relaxing, challenging, rewarding ... positive energy, enthusiasm, beautiful voice"
Lippe Oosterhof, VP Partnerships, Spotzer Media Group (class student)

"Corine's classes are what yoga is all about: warm, relaxing, challenging and, ultimately, rewarding. She has a unique ability to generate positive energy and enthusiasm which is highly motivating to challenge your personal limits. What I like most about Corine's teaching is that she manages to focus on technique while still providing a highly enjoyable yoga experience which leaves you completely fulfilled. She also developed my enthusiasm for mantra's with her beautiful voice and the way that she leads group sessions. I highly recommend her classes."

"Great Results, Personable, High Integrity"
Peter Mulder, Managing Director and Owner OSO Training & Coaching (business client, hired Corine more than once for Private Yoga & Coaching)

"Corine combines her business background and 'spiritual' skills in a very gentle manner. With a direct, clear and very personal style she teaches and inspires people to go beyond their own personal restrictions and believes about themselves. Very effective and highly recommended! Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity."

"Grace, Patience and Openness"
Dominique (34), Journalist (class & private student)

"Yoga can be frustrating and liberating at the same time. Luckily there are teachers like Corine who inspire and motivate you. She guides you through the class with grace, patience and openness. Add some fantastic music to the recipe and you wonder why you don't spend all your time with yoga!"

"Professional and gifted, teaches harmony with elegant simpleness"
Quirine (class student)

"For me, Corine is first of all a caring and loving friend. In yoga, she reflects her personality as a professional and gifted teacher whose classes go beyond the basic yoga. She teaches harmony, in body and soul and she does it with elegant simpleness. She leaves space for everyone to make the most out of yoga and every time she is able to give this special extra touch that makes you feel reborn after class."

"A strong passion for Yoga that is contagious, her energy brings the whole class to life"
R. Esselink, Director Sales at a large multinational consumer electronics company (class & private student)

"I walked into Corine's Yoga lesson for the first time this past August knowing absolutely nothing about Yoga. I only knew that I badly needed something to help me escape and renew myself from a much too hectic life! My usual escape method was sports, but I needed something more deeply renewing. My demanding work with much travel, combined with a busy social life, was going at an unsustainable pace. My first lesson with Corine was an unforgettable experience. She gave a simple introduction to some Yoga philosophy while starting the lesson with breathing exercises. Her example and guidance allowed me, knowing almost nothing about Yoga, to immediately participate and feel comfortable. We went through many postures. It was hard work but it flowed, bringing my body to movements and positions not experienced since childhood. I really FELT the lesson, and afterwards there was such a huge release of stress that I found myself laughing. Every lesson I have had with Corine since then has been similarly wonderful. I have never felt awkward or stupid. Corine helps Yoga feel natural and positive for all participants no matter their physical condition, whether they are a beginner or more experienced. She has a strong passion for Yoga that is contagious, her energy brings the whole class to life."

"Peaceful and very exact"
Esther van Doesburg, Nutritionist (class student)

"I greatly enjoy Corine's classes every single time I participate. She is a peaceful and very exact teacher. She always builds up her class in a way that flows naturally and keeps everyone fully engaged the whole time. During class Corine welcomes all questions and special requests. It is clear from the way she teaches and the deep respect she has for all people, that Corine has a deep love for Yoga. I can easily notice the very positive results in my body and spirit from having attended 2x a week Vinyasa yoga class. I feel so much stronger and at the same time more flexible. My back pain has decreased dramatically. I can, for example, once again make strong backbends with my body like the bridge, just as I so much enjoyed doing as a child! I furthermore notice a much improved balance and self confidence in my life. I really have nothing but a positive report and compliments for Corine, so Corine, please do keep on giving us more Yoga lessons!"

"Energetic and Playful"
Antonia Blom (class student)

"Corine's classes are extremely energetic, I always feel very healthy and fit after class. The playful element she brings into her classes is a great way for me to relax."

"An atmosphere easy to turn your focus inwards"
Alexander Balashov, Lawyer (class student)

"I met Corine for the first time at her "Yoga in daily life" workshop. I was impressed by her ability to explain in plain English how to transfer the fillings and emotions from the yoga practice into your busy daily life. Since then I have been practicing yoga with her for almost a year now and enjoying every class she gives. In her classes, Corine creates such an atmosphere that it is easy to turn your focus inwards. As the time passes, the effect of her classes lasts longer and longer."

"Softness and friendliness"
Janni Meedendorp, Primary School Teacher (class student)

"I find Corine one of the best Yoga teachers in Amsterdam. She radiates softness and friendliness, and with her warm and clear voice and beautiful music she creates a wonderful atmosphere in her class. Her classes are clearly build-up, creating a flow which is wonderful to go along with. Through Yoga I notice that I have become stronger and more flexible, and to the outside world I have become more at ease, and at peace with myself and more loving towards others. Corine has collected a large group of loyal students around her: young, old, beginners and advanced, and I am sure they have the same kind of experience. I for sure cannot miss her classes anymore!"

"Warm and Inspiring, Great Knowledge"
Julie Linschoten, Student Yoga Moves Teacher Training (class student)

"Corine is a warm, inspiring teacher. Her enthusiasm and attention for everyone creates a very nice atmosphere. She has a great knowledge of Asanas in performing them to us and when she corrects us. As I do a teacher training myself now, I know how important this is. Also the music she uses in her lessons is very nice chosen. Corine, hope to get many more Yoga lessons from you!"

"I have never had such good explanation about all the Asanas as from Corine."
Nathalie van de Loo, Database Marketeer and Ayurveda student (class student)

"I have had quite some teachers so far, but I have never had such good explanation about all the Asanas as from Corine. Still she is not a teacher who constantly speaks during class. Even more so, she does not say a word too much and is very consequent in her way of teaching. The fixed structure and the peace in her class, creates an atmosphere for me to totally turn myself inwards. There is always room to ask questions during or after class. And there is also always something to laugh about (or to shed a little tear sometimes). Since this Summer I try to go to Yoga twice a week, and I already feel less fit and comfortable if I miss one week. Through Yoga I notice that it has become easier to live from my heart, and not only from my head. I have more mental clarity and greater self-consciousness. It not only comes from the Yoga itself, but also because my lifestyle is becoming more Ayurvedic now. Also with respect to this Corine is an inspiring example how your life can change through Yoga! "

"An energetic calm that is hard to explain and must be experienced"
Tanja Cuppen, Executive Vice President at large Dutch bank (class & private student)

"Relaxing, but physically challenging are the yoga classes of Corine. For me as a beginner she is also a great teacher. She helps gently with just the right instructions to come into the different postures. Corine's classroom presence is of an energetic calm that is hard to explain and must be experienced."