All our studio classes and workshops are livestreamed, so you can also follow our teachings live online in the comfort of your home. For those who cannot make it to the studio or live outside Amsterdam.

We livestream through a Group Video Call on Skype. We have chosen Skype as a medium to livestream our classes, because we work with small groups and the tool is personal and inter-active, and we can give you the personal attention you need and are used getting from us. In the live Skype class your teacher Corine is there for you; she can see you, you can see her, you can interact, you can ask questions, and as Corine can see you she is able to give you personal verbal adjustments! Lots of people are already on Skype, it is very user-friendly, installing Skype is easy, and using it is completely free of charge. Skype works well on all devices and systems (mobile phones, tablets, PC/laptop - Android, iOS, Windows, Mac etc.). (By the way we do not use Zoom because of its serious privacy and security issues!)

How the Live Online Skype Classes work

  • First we set up our Skype connection: Contact us to let us know you want to join the Skype classes. If you are already on Skype, send us your Skype Name and email address that you use on Skype, and we will send you a Skype invitation to connect. If you are not on Skype yet, let us know and we will email you a Skype link so that you can download & install Skype easily and get connected with us.
  • If you want to buy a class card, just order it on the website as usual using the Class Card booking form under Classes-Prices. We will then send you our bank details so you can make a bank transfer for the card. We will keep your card with us and stamp your online classes. The card can be used for both online and studio classes.
  • It is also possible to pay for single classes, just let us know when you subscribe for a class, so we will send you our bank details. Please do this 1 day before your class so you can make your bank payment on time. To minimize the administration time and costs we ask you to pay for at least 2 classes, if possible.
  • We livestream our complete Class Schedule for the online classes, so the schedule online is the same as for the studio. Also subscription for the classes is the same: for all classes we ask you to pre-register and reserve your spot. For the evening classes before 16h, for the morning classes the evening before until 21h. If you need to cancel your class subscription you can do that free of charge before 16h/21h, after that we will have to charge you for your class.
  • Before your first Skype class we will send you an email with Tips & Instructions how to set up your Skype class, it is super easy and fun! For every Skype class we start calling at the start of the class.

How to set up your Home Practice for your Skype Class

  • Find a nice cosy place in your house for your home practice, where you can also have a good spot for your PC or tablet (phone is also possible but we personally think the screen is very small). You can make your place extra cosy by e.g. dimming the lights, candles, and incense.
  • Tips for your props for home practice: You need a yoga/fitness-mat, although some have steady carpets that do the job too! A yoga belt and 1 or 2 yoga blocks are nice to have as well, but you can also use alternatives. If you do not have a yoga belt, you can also use a regular belt of your pants, 2 socks, the belt of a bathrobe, or a scarf. If you do not have a yoga block, for sitting also a steady pillow or a rolled up sleeping bag / beach towel will do (for the pregnant ladies your pregnancy cushion!). Cushions in general are nice to support your thighs and buttocks. Also think of a pile of books, meditation cushion, anything that is steady and looks like a brick where you can put your hand on for support when needed… Be creative! Also do not forget a nice blanket (which you can also use to sit on as a roll!) to keep yourself warm during meditation and final relaxation (Svavasana). Lastly, a scarf to cover your eyes if you cannot make your room dark is also nice for final relaxation, but you can also use a sweater for that.
  • During your class put the heater up a little higher, in the studio it is always 23 degrees Celsius, which is a nice temperature for your practice!
  • Working from home? It can be nice to take a little walk outside before you join the online class, to re-fresh and get your mind of work for a moment, just like you would normally go outside to walk or bike to your yoga class.


We hope to welcome you soon in our live online Skype classes! If you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us.