New to us? Let us know when you are coming for your first trial class!

Welcome to YogaYatra! We offer various types of classes for all levels of students; whether you are an Absolute Beginner or a very Advanced student, we will make sure everyone will get the maximum out of his/her practice and will develop and grow! We also offer Prenatal Yoga classes and Postnatal Yoga classes.

We welcome all nationalities; all classes are bi-lingual (English/Dutch).

As you are new to us we offer you a special Trial Class offer: you pay € 10 for your first trial class, and receive a € 10 discount on your first class card bought (and starting) within 1 week. For Pregnancy Yoga the trail class is € 17. Click here for Prices

Our classes are drop-in (so no need to book in advance), except for the Mon 18h, Tue 18h, Wed 10h, Wed 18h & 20h, Thu 18h, Fri 10h, and Sat 10h class we ask you to pre-register and reserve your spot.

Doors open 15 minutes before class. Payment (cash, no Pin or CC) and registration (if you are new to YogaYatra) take place before class. For your first class we ask you to come 10-15 minutes before class so that you have time to register and we can get acquainted.

All classes are 1.5 hr. The BASICS classes are for (Absolute) Beginners & Intermediate students, the ADVANCED classes for Intermediate & Advanced students, and the OPEN and YOGA THERAPY classes are for all levels students, from (Absolute) Beginner to Advanced. The PRENATAL yoga classes cater the needs of women from 14-42 weeks of pregnancy, and the POSTNATAL yoga classes are for women from 6 weeks after delivery onwards (10 weeks in case of c-section). Click here for our Class Schedule.

Especially when you are new to yoga, you might find our tips regarding Class Preparation useful. When you are pregnant please check out the information relevant to you on our website under Pregnancy Yoga + / Prenatal Yoga, and when you just gave birth please check out the information relevant to you under Pregnancy Yoga + / Postnatal Yoga.

In the studio we have the finest quality of yoga props (mats, blocks, belts, and blankets) available for you, but you can also bring your own materials. After class we offer you a nice cup of tea!