Private Yoga sessions are meant for those people that have specific needs, for example:

  • People with demanding, and traveling jobs that have no time to visit gyms or Yoga studios, like (top) executives and traveling professional musicians;
  • People with specific illnesses or specific physical restrictions or conditions who cannot join a Yoga class, and need special attention and personal healing through Yoga (Yoga Therapy);
  • People who are absolute beginners to Yoga and want to have a quick, thorough start up to get them to the level of attending a Yoga class;
  • Yoga practitioners - from beginners to advanced - who wish to deepen their techniques and strengthen the foundation of their Yoga practice, or wish to work on specific body parts, postures and sequences;
  • Couples or small groups of friends / family that like the intimacy of sharing their practice together. Partner Yoga exercises are especially nice for couples to include as a tool, strengthening and deepening the intimacy and mutual connection within the relationship.