Peaceful and very exact

Esther van Doesburg, Nutritionist (class student)

"I greatly enjoy Corine's classes every single time I participate. She is a peaceful and very exact teacher. She always builds up her class in a way that flows naturally and keeps everyone fully engaged the whole time. During class Corine welcomes all questions and special requests. It is clear from the way she teaches and the deep respect she has for all people, that Corine has a deep love for Yoga. I can easily notice the very positive results in my body and spirit from having attended 2x a week Vinyasa yoga class. I feel so much stronger and at the same time more flexible. My back pain has decreased dramatically. I can, for example, once again make strong backbends with my body like the bridge, just as I so much enjoyed doing as a child! I furthermore notice a much improved balance and self confidence in my life. I really have nothing but a positive report and compliments for Corine, so Corine, please do keep on giving us more Yoga lessons!"