Corine offers Life Coaching sessions not only in her studio and online, but also outside during a beautiful walk in nature.

Walking outside surrounded by peaceful nature and fresh air is a wonderful, meditative, and grounding experience. The repetition of your steps and the rhythm of your walking allows your mind to go quiet, and it gives you both physical and mental distance from whatever issues may be bothering you and enables you to re-look at your problems from a clearer perspective.

Here you can read more about Corine's Life Coaching and for whom and when it is helpful.

Book Corine for a Life Coaching Walk

Book a Life Coaching Walk with Corine by using the Contact form on the website. You can sign up alone or with 2 people max for e.g. relationship coaching. The session can be held in Dutch or English.

A good location for our walk can be a not too busy, spacious park in Amsterdam or the Amsterdamse Bos, in any case a place that gives us the privacy we need. The price will depend on how long you would like to walk, so the length of our session (usually 1.5 hours).

What To Wear & Bring

  • Be dressed in warm clothes and comfortable walking shoes. Wearing extra layers is good to keep you warm.
  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • Bring your own corona-safety-kit:
    • Your own disinfectant hand gel (> 70% alcohol), paper tissues.
  • Do not forget to use your bathroom at home before you go to the walk.

Corona Precautions for the Life Coaching Walks

  • Only come to the session when you are healthy, we run a Healtch Check (PDF English / Dutch) with you beforehand.
  • We have to keep an appropriate (if needed 1.5 m) distance from each other.
  • All General Hygiene Measures that apply to you in daily life also apply to you whilst joining the walk:
    • Sanitize your hands with (your own brought) disinfectant hand gel (> 70% alcohol) when needed.
    • Do not shake hands or greet with hugs, a friendly nod will do or Namasté!
    • Sneeze and cough in your elbow or paper tissue.
    • Use (your own brought) paper tissues to blow your nose, for coughing or sneezing, and dispose them after use. Sanitize your hands after.
    • Avoid touching your face with your hands - specifically eyes, nose and mouth. Tip: use your underarm, scarf or tissue when you need to scratch or remove a hair!