We welcome you to our yoga studio in a safe and responsible manner. In the studio we follow the precautions and protocols advised by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and our branch organization Vereniging Yogascholen Nederland (VYSN). The health and safety of you, your fellow yogis, and our teachers will always be our first priority. Below you can find in detail the guidelines and our list of precautions we would like you to follow when you come to the studio. For a quick overview check out our Corona Precautions Poster (PDF).

Please note: all our studio classes are livestreamed as well, so you can also follow the classes live online, for those who do not pass the Health Check to come to the studio (see below), or simply if you prefer online.

Subscription & Payment for the Classes

Book your class online

For all classes we ask you to pre-register and reserve your spot using the Contact form on the website. For the evening classes (18.15h & 20h) before 16h, for the morning classes (10.15h & 12h) the evening before until 21h. Taking a class without an online booking is not possible.

We will confirm your subscription by Email and send you a Health Check for your notification, as you should not come to the studio if you do not pass the Health Check (in that case you can join the class online!). Cancel your studio subscription right away if that is the case to free up your spot. We will personally do this Health Check with you again upon entrance of the studio, which you then verbally need to confirm. Here you can find the Health Check Poster (PDF) in English and in Dutch.

New to us? Your registration and intake will take place online. For your first class we will send you a Registration Form which you need to fill in & email back to us upon your subscription. On this form you also fill in your physical status. Should you have any serious physical restrictions / complaints, injuries, or serious pregnancy related complaints, we ask you to send in your registration form in time, preferably at least one day before your first class, as we might need to schedule in an extra (Skype, Facetime) call with you beforehand to discuss your complaints and to give you some personal guidance to ensure a safe yoga practice for you during class.

If you need to cancel your class subscription you can do that free of charge for the evening classes before 16h, for the morning classes the evening before until 21h. If you cancel after 16h/21h we will have to charge you for your class.

Payment via bank transfer

Payment for the classes goes via bank transfer, no cash transactions in the studio.

If you want to buy a class card, order it on the website using the Class Card booking form under Classes-Prices. We will then send you our bank details so you can make a bank transfer for the card. We will keep your card with us and stamp your classes. For hygiene reasons you will no longer receive a paper card you can keep yourself and need to bring to each class for us to stamp. We advise you to track your classes in your agenda and we will notify you when your card is full!

It is also possible to pay for single classes, just let us know when you subscribe for a class, so we will send you our bank details. To minimize the administration time and costs we ask you to pay for at least 2 classes, if possible. Newcomers pay for 2 trial classes (special offer).

Studio Corona Precautions & Hygiene Measures

We have taken very strict corona precautions and hygiene measures for the studio and everyone in the studio is obliged to respect and follow these rules as part of our yoga practice, since Saucha (Purity, Cleanliness) is one of the Niyama’s (observances) of a yogi. You will find posters in the studio on the appropriate spots to remind and help you applying these rules. For a summary check out our Corona Precautions Poster (PDF).

Corona Precautions - BEFORE you go to the studio:

  • Be practically fully dressed in clean yoga clothes when going to the yoga studio. The dressing room & cabinets will be closed. Take the minimum of stuff with you. Wear shoes you can easily take off when entering the studio. You will have space next to your mat to leave a jacket or other (yoga) necessities, bring a bag for that. Please note in colder weather times, wear extra layers to keep you warm as the back door to the garden will be open a lot for extra ventilation of the studio with fresh air.
  • Bring your own yoga mat and props (like block, belt, blanket, cushion) to the studio. For hygiene reasons you can no longer use studio equipment. Clean your mat at home after class.
  • Bring your own water bottle to the studio. For health and safety reasons we are not serving water or tea. The kitchen will be closed.
  • Bring your own corona-safety-kit to the studio:
    • Your own disinfectant hand gel (> 70% alcohol), and a small pack of tissues to apply the hygiene measures necessary in the studio (see below). For optimal hygiene and to avoid unnecessary walking through the studio we ask you to bring your own personal disinfectant hand gel to the studio and keep it with you next to your mat, so you can use it whenever you need it; when entering the studio, before & after toilet visit, when leaving the studio, and of course if you need it during class (after having used paper tissues for instance for blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing!).
    • A clean, washed towel to dry your hands after you have washed them in the studio (e.g. after your toilet visit), or for other use (sweating). To keep the studio eco-friendly we want to avoid using paper towels!
  • Use your bathroom at home before you go to the studio and after class, as toilet visits in the studio should be avoided as much as possible. Please make sure to use your own facilities at home. Of course when the need is high (pregnant ladies!) you can make use of the toilet but you will then be asked to follow the hygiene instructions around toilet visit.
  • Wash your hands at home with water & soap before you go to the studio.
  • Avoid public transportation as much as possible when going to the studio. Try to come by foot, bike, or own transport.

Corona Precautions - AT THE DOOR, when entering the studio:

  • Do not come earlier than 5 mins before class to the studio, to avoid large groups waiting in front of the studio. Wait outside whilst keeping 1.5 m distance from each other, and also keep 1.5 m distance away from the door. Wait for the teacher to open the door and further instructions to enter.
  • Your teacher will be opening the door and the first person (in order of appearance) will be asked to step forward in front of the door. From 1.5 m distance your teacher will be checking if you brought your own yoga mat, disinfectant hand gel, tissues, a clean washed towel, and a nose-mouth mask, and you will be asked to sanitize your hands with your hand gel first. Then the teacher will be doing the Health Check with you verbally (here you can find the Health Check Poster (PDF) in English and in Dutch). If you brought the items and passed the Health Check you will be allowed to further enter the studio and walk to your designated spot in the studio. Follow the instructions of the teacher whilst doing so.
  • Then the next person is asked to step forward in front of the door etc..
  • So people walk into the studio/enter the class one by one, at all times keeping 1.5 m distance from each other, and following the instructions of the teacher. This is also the way we leave the studio. People are asked to leave the studio immediately after class.

Corona Precautions – IN THE STUDIO:

  • At all times people should keep 1.5 m distance from each other in the studio. The spots are numbered, and each spot is marked with tape on the floor to indicate where to put your mat. All mats will be at 1.5 m distance from each other in all directions (fronts and sides), and all spots have a wall on one side too. Stick to your spot and avoid walking around through the space unnecessarily, and raise your hand when you need to - e.g. for a toilet visit, so others can make way if you need to pass them when going to the toilet.
  • To keep the 1.5m distance also between the teacher and the student, the teacher will only guide you through the movements with verbal adjustments/instructions and demonstrations. There will not be any physical contact or physical adjustments.
  • We will ventilate the studio a lot with fresh air in between and during the classes. Ideally we will open the back door to the garden during the entire class.
  • The studio will be extra cleaned. Our hygiene standards are high!
  • Avoid the use of the toilet in the studio: use your bathroom at home before you go to the studio and after class. Of course when the need is high (e.g. pregnant ladies!) you can make use of the toilet but you will then be asked to follow the strict hygiene rules around toilet visit, like wearing a nose-mouth mask. In the bathroom you can wash your hands with water & soap and we would like to ask you to use your own brought personal towel then to dry your hands, because we would like to avoid the use of paper towels in the studio to keep it eco-friendly.
  • All General Hygiene Measures that apply to you in daily life also apply to you whilst in the studio:
    • Sanitize your hands with (your own brought) disinfectant hand gel (> 70% alcohol) when entering the studio, before & after toilet visit, and when leaving the studio. And of course also after having used for instance paper tissues for blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing! Hands can only be washed in the bathroom with water & soap, but toilet visits should be minimised.
    • Do not shake hands or greet with hugs, a friendly nod will do or Namasté!
    • Sneeze and cough in your elbow or paper tissue. Wash your yoga clothes when home.
    • Use (your own brought) paper tissues to blow your nose, for coughing or sneezing, and dispose them after use. Sanitize your hands after.
    • Avoid touching your face with your hands - specifically eyes, nose and mouth. Tip: use your underarm, scarf or tissue when you need to scratch or remove a hair!
    • Do not come to the studio when you feel sick, unwell, flu-ish or experience any (even the mildest) corona related complaints. We run a Health Check with you before class and if you do not pass this check you cannot participate in the studio class (you can then follow the class online!). Should you become unwell or develop any corona related complaints during class, we ask you to leave class immediately and go home!

The Health Check (Triage) – when to refrain from the studio class/workshop/session and why

Below you find the list of questions we have to run with you before you can participate in a studio class/workshop/session. If one of the questions is answered with “yes”, it is not possible to come to the studio. We then invite you to join the class online instead. This Health Check applies for both students and teacher. If the teacher does not pass the Health Check, the class will be taught online as well! Hence next to the studio classes we advise you to have your online class option activated too. Here you can find the Health Check Poster (PDF) in English and in Dutch.

Questions for Health Check:

  • Did you have one or more of these (even the mildest) complaints in the past 24 hours? A cough, increased temperature or fever, shortness of breath (benauwdheid), loss of taste and/or smell, or common cold complaints (verkoudheidsklachten) - like a nose cold (neusverkoudheid), runny nose (loopneus), sneezing, a sore throat.
    If you have one or more of these corona related complaints you have to stay home and have yourself tested for corona by the GGD Amsterdam to protect yourself and your environment. If you have corona, follow the instructions of the GGD, and if the test shows you do nót have corona you may go outside again, unless of course you would feel too unwell for that. Get well 100% and make sure you are at least 24 hrs complaints free before you return to the studio, also when it appeared from the test you did nót have corona (we do not want any virus in the studio these days, and also theoretically the latest cough today could still be a new coronavirus infection)!
  • Do you currently have a housemate with mild complaints and a fever and/or shortness of breath (benauwdheidsklachten)?
    If you have a housemate who has mild complaints and a fever and/or shortness of breath you have to stay home as well. Your housemate should have him/herself tested on corona. Only when the test shows that your housemate does nót have corona, you may go outside again. Of course should you develop complaints yourself have yourself tested.
  • Have you had the new coronavirus and has this been diagnosed in the past 14 days (with a test)?
    If you have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus (with a test), please follow the advise of the GGD. You may only come out of quarantine if you haven’t had any corona related complaints for at least 24 hrs ánd it has been at least 7 days since you have been diagnosed. For people with a low immune system however this is 14 days. Hence in our studio we apply 14 days to be on the safer side, despite RIVM advises 7 days for the triage.
  • Are you in quarantine (10 days) because you:
    • are a housemate or close contact of someone who has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus?
    • have travelled (back) from a COVID-19 high risk area (code orange/red)? (More info: www.wijsopreis.nl)
    • have been warned by the Coronamelder-app?
      In all these situations we advise you to follow the instructions of the GGD and the RIVM regarding your obligatory quarantine. Our government currently advises 10 days of quarantine (after last contact or return from travel) which can be shortened by doing a test on day 5, however you can still become ill within 10 days, so also after day 5, and thus we apply 10 days in our studio to keep everyone extra safe.

We will keep contact details for GGD Amsterdam

For the GGD (municipal health service) Amsterdam we are obliged to keep a record for each class of each participant’s name, email-address, and telephone number. This is to be able to help the GGD in their source & contact research in case one of the class participants is diagnosed with the coronavirus and contacts need to be informed and instructed. Please note people with corona related complaints are excluded from class through the Health Check we do upfront, but the GGD contact research applies for contacts of the corona patient 2 days before their complaints start. Also we are always safe in our studio and free from quarantine rules since we are all practicing on 1.5m distance, so in case someone potentially did have the virus in class, you would only need to monitor your health like you normally need to do.

If you have been diagnosed with the coronavirus while visiting our studio, please inform us so we can report this to the GGD.

We already collect your contact information through the Registration Form you supply to us upon your intake, and normally we never share this information with third parties (see our Privacy Policy), but now only for the GGD Amsterdam we need to make an exception during these times of corona. At the end it is for everyone’s safety! We ask our current studio members to re-send name, email-address, and telephone number should contact details have changed.


We hope to welcome you soon in our studio! If you have any questions or need further guidance, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank You & Namasté