Mindfulness Meditation Basics Workshop: Saturday 28 Oct 2017

Reduce stress in your life, and start to live from a deeper level of relaxation! This Meditation Workshop teaches you the philosophy and basics of Mindfulness / Vipassana Meditation, and is preliminary to the Mindfulness Meditation Follow Up Course in Nov-Dec 2017.

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Mindfulness Meditation Follow Up Course: Wednesday 1 Nov - 20 Dec 2017

This Mindfulness Follow Up Course is for those of you who have done the Mindfulness Meditation Basics Workshop or have joined one of Corine' s retreats, and would like to take their meditation practice to the next level and integrate meditation and mindfulness into their daily lives.

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Sound Healing: Friday 3 Nov & 15 Dec 2017

Explore the relaxing, purifying, and balancing effects of a Sound Healing with Tai Loi!

You will leave the sound concert with a deep sense of calm and well-being. A great gift for yourself, family and friends!

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Detox Yoga Workshop: Sunday 15 Jan 2017

Time for an intense after X-mas Holidays cleanse! A good Detox to make you fit, slim, healthy, and shining!

Corine is offering Detox Yoga Workshops that provide you with an intense, transformative purification and revitalization of your whole body and mind! After 60 very successful workshops since Jan 2009, because of popular demand (and great results!), we will continue in 2017 on a bi-monthly basis!

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